How KYC documents are being processes on SynchroBit™?

How KYC documents are being processes on SynchroBit™?

SynchroBit™ benefits from a seamless and accurate Identity Verification procedure which consist of human and data base checks. This process is being done in participation of three teams from SynchroBit™, SBC-Legal, and ShuftiPro.

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    • Do I need to send my new documents to SynchroBit™ after KYC?

      If you provided documents for KYC have been expired, our legal team will ask you to resend the new documents to keep your Identity Verification valid. Note that Identity Verification and AML are ongoing on SynchroBit™. It means that if you have done ...
    • How can I make sure my documents are correct for KYC?

      Upon receiving your documents, an automatic email will be sent from to your e-mail. If your documents are OK, the verification email will be sent for you from the same e-mail. In case of any issue, our support team will contact you.
    • What documents are acceptable for Identity Verification?

      To pass your Identity Verification (KYC), SynchroBit™ accepts various documents depending on the users nationality or residency. The accepted documents are indicated for every country on Identity Verification platform. For most of countries, passport ...
    • Why my KYC is rejected?

      Probably, there are one or more reasons for rejecting your KYC, including: ·       Invalid document(s) ·       Unclear document(s) ·       Expiry date of your document(s) ·       Face detection ·       Being the residence of one of the Restricted ...
    • Why KYC is necessary?

      Doing KYC is highly recommended to every user since it clarifies the ownership of the account by a person or a corporate. Doing KYC on SynchroBit™ provides you with: ·       The right to own your account and its funds at any circumstances ·       The ...