How long do I receive earnings from Referral Program?

How long do I receive earnings from Referral Program?

As long as your account is active and your invited users are active in trade, you will receive your earnings. Currently we have no time limit for that. For more information please read the Referral Policy!

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    • How can I calculate my earnings from the Referral Program?

      Your earnings are automatically reflected on your Referral Program Dashboard, including; ·       Your base commission rate ·       Your total earnings in BTC ·       Total number of friends registered with your referral link ·       And your ranking ...
    • How can I receive my earnings from Referral Program?

      Your earnings will calculated in BTC and will be paid in the equal amount in SNB. During every calendar month, your earning will calculated and in the end of the month will be converted in SNB. The SNB amount will be locked for one month and then ...
    • What is SynchroBit™ Referral Program?

      Referral Program is a part of SynchroBit™ global marketing program to encourage our esteemed community members to participate in the market growth of the platform by sharing a significant part of the incomes of the platform from Trading Fees with the ...
    • How much of Trading Fee can I receive from invited users in the Referral Program?

      Depending on the SNB Holdings on your account, you can receive from 20% to 40% of the Trading Fee that your invited users.
    • Do I have more advantages on Referral Program?

      Yes. Referral Program is an important part of SynchroBit™ global marketing program.  By growing your referral network, you will earn more awards from competitions, affiliate programs, and rewards program.