How should I recover 2FA on my account?

How should I recover 2FA on my account?

In case of losing your phone, you can simply recover it by knowing your security questions and their answers. For this, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Try to login to your account.

Step 2: On the page of Dual Authentication Code, click on “Forget the dual verification code?”

Step 3: You’ll need to answer  to the security questions you already set them for during the activation of your 2FA. Then click on Verify.

Step 4: If you have answered your questions correctly, a message will be shown on the page asking you to check your e-mail.

Step 5: In the email sent from for recovering your 2FA, you are authorized to disable the 2FA from your account. Click on the link provided. You’ll be redirected to the and your 2FA is disabled.

Step 6: Activate your 2FA again from Security section on your Dashboard.


Note: Please reactivate your 2FA after successful login to your dashboard to enhance the security of your account. If you faced any problem, you would contact the support team via Live Chat or email.

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