Is registration by referral link mandatory for my invited users?

Is registration by referral link mandatory for my invited users?

No! Registration on is always by choice. By setting good Kickback rates you can encourage your friends to register with your referral link and make it more attractive for them.

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    • How much of Trading Fee can I receive from invited users in the Referral Program?

      Depending on the SNB Holdings on your account, you can receive from 20% to 40% of the Trading Fee that your invited users.
    • Should I hold SNB in my account to create the referral link?

      Normally you need to hold a minimum 500 SNB in your Spot Wallet to be eligible for the Referral Program, however, currently this minimum holding is not necessary and can participate in the program without SNB Holdings. However, if you increase your ...
    • How can I share a referral link?

      Simply after creating your preferred referral link, you can share it by one of the following ways: ·       Copying the referral link address to the clipboard and share it on your blog, posts, group, or the other social media, or ·       Click on ...
    • How can I create a referral link?

      Simply on your Dashboard head to Referral. On the Dashboard, you can set the Kickback rate as per your account level and SNB Holdings from 0% to 30%. The calculations of the commissions and kickback will be shown automatically to you. You can also ...
    • What is SynchroBit™ Referral Program?

      Referral Program is a part of SynchroBit™ global marketing program to encourage our esteemed community members to participate in the market growth of the platform by sharing a significant part of the incomes of the platform from Trading Fees with the ...