What happens to my account in case of death, disability, or force takeover?

What happens to my account in case of death, disability, or force takeover?

SynchroBit™ is committed to provide the users with “Verified” and “Authorized” accounts only. If a given user’s account is “Unverified”, legally we cannot provide any access to anyone! Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to pass your KYC.


In case of death, disability or the force takeover conditions, SynchroBit™ Legal team has a formal procedure as follows:

1.     The SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is only authorized to provide the information with the order of law to the Attorney in Law, Advocate, or Next of Keen of the user.

2.     Verified and Authorized users can legally determine their “White-List” trustees to the Legal Department via Notarized Letter to the SBC-Legal to determine what procedure must be adopted to their account and funds on SynchroBit.io in case of their death, disability, or force takeover cases.

3.     At any case, SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange is only accountable to the official courts in the EU, Turkey, Canada, and Republic of Georgia to provide the access to a given user’s account. There is no doubt that the reasons behind this request must be logic and with proven evidences which are acceptable by the Legal Department and SBC-Legal as the global Attorney in Law of SynchroBit™.

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