What is Dashboard?

What is Dashboard?

Generally, Dashboard is the main part of the user area on every exchange which provides the users with useful information about their account activities, trades, status, etc. User Dashboard (Dashboard) provides the users with the abilities and features to change the settings of their accounts. 

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    • What features are available on SynchroBit™ User Dashboard?

      You can have access to all features on your Dashboard including: ·       Wallets and funds ·       Trade ·       Security ·       Personal Information ·       Announcements ·       Identity Verification ·       Referrals ·       Rewards ·       ...
    • What is the Trial Time on my Dashboard?

      SynchroBit™ provides its users with the right to test the platform as the “Unverified” user. Therefore, a countdown on the Dashboard of such users is shown to remind them how many days left from the trial time. Normally, this trial period is 90 days ...
    • Why the account balance on my Dashboard is shown in BTC?

      Bitcoin (BTC) is the major and most influencing Cryptocurrency in the world. Therefore, the value of account balance is normally shown in BTC. However, on the pie chart on your Dashboard, you can always have a comprehensive insight on your assets. ...
    • What is Trading Fee Level on my Dashboard?

      Based on the number of your SNB Holdings and your average Trading Volume in every 30 days, your trading level is changing. Your Trading Fees are calculated based on your trading level. Further information is available on Fees Schedule page.
    • What is the User ID on my Dashboard?

      Every user on SynchroBit™ has a unique code for identification her account with the support and the technical team. This code is User ID. Your User ID is synchronized with your account and is useful for using in communications with support team. ...