Why my account is closed after 90 days?

Why my account is closed after 90 days?

Based on the legal implications, SynchroBit™ has to provide the service to the users who do KYC! However, it allows the users to test the platform for a 90 days period without KYC. If you don’t do your KYC within 90 days, your account will be closed automatically and to get your funds you need to do KYC. As a result, it’s strongly recommended, do your KYC during the early days of registration of your account.

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    • Can I apply for KYC after 90 days trial?

      Yes, but the process may take longer than usual. As a result, it’s highly recommended to do your Identity Verification during the 90 days trial period of your account. 
    • What is “Verified” account?

      A Verified account is an account that its owner has successfully passed the Identity Verification process on SynchroBit.io by providing the required documents and controls. Verified accounts and permanent and can only be closed based on the user ...
    • How long is “Unverified” account usable?

      Any Unverified account is only active for 90 days. SynchroBit™ allows the users to test its platform during this period.
    • Who can create a Personal account?

      To create a “Personal” account on SynchroBit.io, the user must meet the following terms: 1.     Minimum age: 18 years old 2.     Nationality: Not being the citizen or the residence of any countries considered as “Restricted Territories” (please read ...
    • What are the main features of “Verified” account?

      A Verified account can benefit from all features of SynchroBit.io including; ·       Unlimited Deposit limit ·       No fees on deposits ·       No fees on deposit holdings (note: if the account is inactive for more than 30 days, SynchroBit™ may ...