Why my KYC is rejected?

Why my KYC is rejected?

Probably, there are one or more reasons for rejecting your KYC, including:

·       Invalid document(s)

·       Unclear document(s)

·       Expiry date of your document(s)

·       Face detection

·       Being the residence of one of the Restricted Territories.

·       Having a legal problem in the EU.


In such a case, SynchroBit™ Legal team will provide you with the reasons and you can provide them the requested documents for further processing.

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    • How can I know my KYC is rejected?

      If our legal team rejects your KYC, an automatic email will be sent from kyc@synchrobit.io to you. The reasons of rejecting your KYC will be mentioned in the e-mail and you need to solve them by contacting the support team at your earliest ...
    • What is KYC?

      Know Your Customer (KYC) is a formal and legal procedure on all financial service providers to recognize the real person or corporate behind every user account. KYC can be processed via “Identity Verification” process which is available on your ...
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      Doing KYC is highly recommended to every user since it clarifies the ownership of the account by a person or a corporate. Doing KYC on SynchroBit™ provides you with: ·       The right to own your account and its funds at any circumstances ·       The ...
    • Should I pay a cost for KYC?

      If you apply for the KYC, the first attempt is free of charge. However, if legal team rejects your KYC for some reasons, you can apply for the second attempt by providing the requested documents. In such a case, you may need to pay $10 for document ...
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      You have the right apply for KYC for three times. Please note that your attempts must be take place during the 90 days trial period of your account. The first attempt is free of charge, however, for reprocessing of your KYC for the second and the ...